About A.Salim Doost

I like to solve problems since I was young. As a programmer you constantly come across new smaller and sometimes even complex challenges which are waiting to be solved. Therefore, it really didn`t take long until programming became my biggest hobby. I began in summer 2006 and since then I have learned many different programming languages and techniques. The following programming languages had the the most impact on me:
I am also a passionate Linux user. However, my life is not only about technology and sciences. I love sports: I play soccer, table tennis and speedminton (a variant of badminton) regularly. For a while I was in a karate club as well.
Another big hobby of me is Japanese (and Japan). I like to watch Japanese movies and animations from time to time - which is a really good variation to Hollywood and Disney. I can recommend the (meanwhile world-famous) masterpieces by Hayao Miyazaki. Apart from that, I love arts. I even tried my best with digital arts: the best result was a petrol lamp.