TextArea is a component for java/swing and was originally developed by Christian Lauer and Slava Pestov. His component is available with the UI-pack of UJAC (Useful Java Application Components). However he stopped working on the TextArea to concentrate on the other components of UJAC. Since I am using this component for PixelStudio as an internal script editor, I partly took over the development.

This component is a TextArea component for the Swing graphical user interface of Java. It is not just a simple textbox but one with support for syntax highlighting and is flexible concerning syntax, colors and some other settings.
The TextArea component is easily embeddable in every Java/Swing graphical user interface. Unfortunately, it is weakly documented. The TextArea component is used for the PixelStudio (Java) project as an internal script editor.


The following features were always available: This version requires at least Java version 1.4 and is available at the homepage of UJAC.

New Features

Until now TextArea is extended by the following features: This version of TextArea, which is currently used in the development version of PixelStudio, will be accessible very soon. Its requirements are at least Java version 1.5. Additionally, we are working on a simple tutorial describing how to use the component.


This new version of TextArea, which is also used in PixelStudio, can be downloaded now. Java Version 1.5 is the new minimal requirement.