PixelStudio (Java)

PixelStudio is a graphic editor for creating and editing graphics/pictures, especially designed for PixelArt. The creation of new digital images is the main purpose of PixelStudio. It should help artists to pixel. Many pixel artists still use MS Paint or similar simple applications to pixel. PixelStudio should change this!
The original project was started in 2005. It was implemented in C++ and WinGDI. Therefore, it is platform dependent on Microsoft Windows. You can read more about the older project on the project page of PixelStudio (C++).
After one year I have learned a lot, therefore I decided to reengineer PixelStudio in a professional way. The C++ Version was error-prone and difficult to debug. Towards the end of the year 2006 I finally decided to develop PixelStudio in Java. Without much effort, the application would become platform independent and more stable.


The university studies and prioritizing another project forced me to let this project slide. However, the development on this project is not fully stopped. By the way, requests from all over the world persuaded me not to stop this project.

Features Developed so Far

Pictures are far more expressive than words: at the end of this page you will find screenshots.

Rough TODO-list


KaraHead was there when the Java project was initiated. His job consisted of the development of the graphical user interface in Java (Swing). Unfortunately, he had to leave very early: he had to gave up the time intensive hobby programming for his main job. That is why I took over his tasks as well.
The present PixelStudio logo and some icons used in PixelStudio are made by DayDream (Christian Hildenbrand).


Here are some screenshots of the current PixelStudio Java version:
Click on a picture to enlarge.