PixelStudio (C++)

PixelStudio is a graphic editor for creating and editing graphics and pictures. This editor is especially designed for PixelArt, which was programmed by me in 2005.
PixelStudio has a lot of little features making the editor special. For instance, it is easily possible to create GIF-animations in PixelStudio and the color palette system is designed to be intelligent. You can also easily edit your brushes, and working with the alpha-channel is finally an easy feature. PixelScript allows you to program your graphics - sometimes it is just handier to code than to click.
The present version of PixelStudio (C++) is 0.62. Although it contains some minor bugs in the undo/redo system when performing complex operations, it is quite usable for daily work. However, this version of PixelStudio will not be developed any further. Instead, I am working on a new platform independent Java-version of PixelStudio. Nevertheless, until the first stable release of the Java-version, it is quite worth it (at least for Microsoft Windows users) to test the C++ version of PixelStudio. At the bottom of this page you will find instructions of how to download and install this application.



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Tools and Contributors

I] developed the C++ Version of PixelStudio with the Windows-GDI and GDIPlus libraries.
The logo as well as many toolbar icons used in PixelStudio (those which really look great :-)) are made by C. Hildenbrand (DayDream).
The mascot, the PixelStudio duck, has been pixeled by Sahar.

Downloads and Instructions

Instructions: First of all download the Windows-Installer and install PixelStudio Version 0.61. Then download the update to version 0.62 and unpack it. Replace the executable .exe file of your current PixelStudio version (this file can be found in the folder where you have installed PixelStudio 0.61) with the one contained in the zip-archive.